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                The last new regulations in 2020 will warm you like this

                Date:Dec 2,2020

                The countdown is in the last month of 2020, and a batch of new regulations for people’s livelihood have added warmth to this winter. It's about your vital interests, come and learn about it together!

                The sales rules are played as a word game. This new promotion rule keeps me away from routines


                The original price of a piece of clothing is 500 yuan, and the deposit of 15 yuan can be used as 30 yuan. The deposit of the first 4000 customers can be tripled. On the day of "Double 11", the deposit of 400 yuan can be reduced by 50. You can also receive a 50 yuan red envelope if you place an order before 0:00.


                In recent years, various fancy promotion rules have made "buy, buy, buy" more and more "brain-burning." From December 1st, the "Interim Regulations on Standardizing Promotional Behaviors" came into effect, regulating the sales promotion routines of merchants.


                Promotions first increase the price and then discount? The interim regulations clearly indicate that when business operators carry out price promotions such as price reductions and discounts within a limited time, the time limit shall be clearly indicated. Business operators’ discounts or price reductions shall indicate or indicate the basis of the discounts or price reductions by other means that are convenient for consumers to recognize.


                Promotion rules are too complicated to understand and mislead consumers? The interim regulations require that, if the trading venue provider organizes the operators in the venue (in the platform) to carry out promotions, it should formulate corresponding plans, publicize the promotion rules, promotion period and restrictive conditions that are unfavorable to consumers, and send them to the venue (in the platform) The operator reminds the promotion behavior precautions.


                Regarding behaviors such as "swiping orders" and "reviewing praise", the provisional regulations clearly state that operators shall not use false commercial information, fictitious transactions or evaluations to make false or misleading commercial propaganda to deceive or mislead consumers or the relevant public.


                I didn’t have a choice in the past. This new anti-monopoly rule protects my rights


                A certain business model has just become a trend, and products of the same type have flourished in the market; a few years later, under the capital operation of mergers and acquisitions, holdings, etc., there are few products left for consumers to choose from. Through the concentration of operators, companies can expand their market competitiveness, but they may also bring monopoly risks and damage consumer rights.


                The Interim Provisions on the Review of Concentration of Undertakings, which came into effect on December 1, clarified that if the concentration of undertakings meets the reporting standards set by the State Council, they should report to the State Administration for Market Regulation in advance, and the concentration shall not be implemented if they have not been declared.


                If the State Administration for Market Regulation considers that the concentration has or may have the effect of eliminating or restricting competition, it shall notify the applicant; the business operator may submit written opinions within the prescribed time limit and provide corresponding evidence. In order to reduce the effect of eliminating or restricting competition that the concentration has or may have, the business operator may propose a commitment plan with additional restrictive conditions. If the commitment plan is not sufficient to reduce the adverse effects of concentration on competition, the State Administration for Market Regulation may negotiate with the operators on restrictive conditions and require them to propose other commitment plans within a reasonable period of time.


                With this regulation, I am more motivated on the road to climb the technological peak


                The revised "Regulations on National Science and Technology Awards" will come into effect on December 1. As an important part of the reform of the science and technology award system, the regulations have made important changes in awards and nomination, academic integrity, etc., which are expected to have a positive impact on stimulating the innovative vitality of scientific researchers.


                The regulations implement the reform requirements for the adjustment of science and technology awards from the "recommendation system" to the "nomination system", and implement a system of nominations by experts, scholars, organizations, and relevant departments. Nominators shall be nominated in strict accordance with the nomination method, provide nomination materials, be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the materials, and bear corresponding responsibilities in accordance with regulations. In terms of procedures, it is clear that review activities adhere to the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, and review methods, total rewards, reward results and other information should be announced to the public.


                In addition, for individual scientific research personnel or institutions that violate ethics or misconduct in scientific research and participate in science and technology awards after several years of avoiding the limelight, the regulations require that the National Science and Technology Awards be given to the above-mentioned individuals or organizations at the nomination stage. "One-vote veto". Individuals and organizations that violate the regulations and have serious dishonesty in scientific research integrity will be recorded in the database of serious dishonesty in scientific research integrity, and joint punishments will be implemented in accordance with relevant national regulations.


                In the future, we will rely on credit, and the troubles of "wonderful proof" will become history


                In order to travel abroad, you have to go to several departments to "prove that my mother is my mother"... Such a situation of "departments move their mouths and the masses break their legs" is becoming history. According to the guidance issued by the State Council on the comprehensive implementation of the notification and commitment system for certification matters and business license matters related to enterprises, my country will fully implement the notification and commitment system for certification matters and business license matters related to enterprises. Before December 31 this year, the people of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities The government and various departments of the State Council shall issue an implementation plan for the comprehensive implementation of the notification and commitment system of certification matters in their respective regions and departments.


                Simply put, the notification and commitment system of certification matters is a new way of doing things that uses credit instead of certification. When you go to the administrative agency to handle the matter, as long as you promise in writing that you meet the relevant requirements and are willing to bear the legal responsibility for the false promise, the administrative agency will no longer ask for relevant certificates and handle it directly. However, if the applicant’s promise is false, the administrative agency shall terminate the processing, order rectification within a time limit, revoke the administrative decision, or impose administrative punishment, and include it in the credit record. The suspected crime shall be transferred to the judicial organ in accordance with the law.


                According to the guidance, certification matters that are closely related to the production and life of the enterprise and the masses, are used frequently or are difficult to obtain, will be given priority to implement the notification and commitment system, such as household registration management, market entity approval, qualification examination, social insurance, social assistance, Health checkup, legal services, etc.

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