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                Overseas Market Distribution Services

                Date:Jun 30,2020

                Henan Overseas Distribution Supply Chain Management Service Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in providing international marketing channels and comprehensive foreign trade services for import and export enterprises. Our company integrates domestic and overseas resources, and we have established overseas marketing networks such as overseas warehouses and exhibition centers in various countries, and established a website of “Overseas Distribution Marketing”, a public information service platform such as Chinese and English public number, social media homepage, and overseas warehouse special issue. Through the creation of overseas warehouses and overseas exhibition centers, combined with cross-border e-commerce platform promotion, overseas local promotion and agency team, foreign trade supply chain finance, foreign-related business services, factory self-operated and other overseas marketing models. Help enterprises establish overseas sales channels, competitive advantages, expand export business, and prevent investment and trade risks.

                Henan Overseas Distribution Supply Chain Management Service Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of CUS-GROUP. CUS-GROUP is an enterprise group mainly based on Zhengzhou City Unites Steel Industrial Co.,Ltd and has several shareholding and holding companies at home and abroad. It has formed three major production and service bases centered on China, Central Asia and North Africa. There are 6 production plants and a number of companies engaged in trade, service and engineering business in China and abroad. The business include: Steel structure, prefabricated houses, metal materials, refrigeration and drying equipment, construction engineering, international trade, foreign trade comprehensive services, etc.  The company is a provincial-level foreign trade comprehensive service enterprise, customs and foreign exchange management A-type enterprise in Henan Province. It has a number of relevant qualifications in import and export, construction and foreign trade services. Since 2007, company has been importing and exporting business, and our exports have spread to more than 70 countries and regions. Our products have been applied in many domestic and foreign projects, and are deeply trusted and praised by customers.

                              Overseas warehouse and exhibition center

                Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Ukraine, Germany,Netherlands, Spain, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, United States, Peru, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia...

                           Foreign trade comprehensive service content 

                1.Overseas warehouses and overseas trade &exhibition centers settled

                2.Overseas production, processing, logistics park services

                3.Cross-border e-commerce platform services /Overseas commercial supermarkets settled

                4.Docking overseas partners and agents team

                5.Foreign trade supply chain financial support (letter of credit, letter insurance, tax refund, etc.)

                6.Import and export business agent

                7.Foreign Trade Information Sharing Office

                8.Overseas investment and trade consulting

                9.Business docking, inspections, forums, events, etc.

                10.United Nations procurement tendering service

                11.Global customs import and export business data and market analysis 

                12.Industrial Lean Management Software (ZhongDe Innovation Cooperation)

                13.Domestic and overseas resource docking  for culture, medical care, education, science and technology, tourism, etc.


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